Oswyn A. R. Murray

Oswyn Alexander Ruthven Murray was born on 17 August, 1873, the fourth son of the lexicographer Sir James Murray. He attended the City of Oxford High School from July, 1885 to July, 1891. He was elected a scholar of Exeter College, Oxford in 1891, and obtained three firsts in Mods., Lit. Hum., and Jurisprudence, winning the Vinerian law scholarship.

On 1 February, 1897, he was appointed as a Class I Clerk in Civil Branch at the Admiralty, and on 1 May, 1898, became a Resident Clerk. He was appointed Assistant Private Secretary to the First Lord of the Admiralty, George J. Goschen. Following Goschen's retirement Murray became Assistant Private Secretary to the new First Lord, the Earl of Selborne. On 1 November, 1901, he was appointed Private Secretary to the Parliamentary and Financial Secretary, Hugh O. Arnold-Forster.Murray was promoted to Assistant Principal on 24 August, 1903, and in October became Private Secretary to Arnold-Forster's successor, Ernest G. Pretyman. On 1 April, 1904, he was appointed to M. Branch, and on 1 October became Assistant Director of Victualling to Sir Henry Yorke. He succeeded Yorke on 2 December, 1905 as Director.

He succeeded Sir W. Graham Greene as Assistant Secretary to the Board of Admiralty on 2 October, 1911. On 7 August, 1917 he was appointed to succeed Greene as Permanent Secretary, and remained in post until his death on 10 July, 1936.

He was awarded c.B., 1911; K.C.B., 1917; G.C.B., 1931; Order of the Rising Sun, Second Class;Cross of Commander of the Legion of Honour, 1919.

He was President of Old Oxford Citizens 1920-21