Welcome to the website of COSA which is dedicated to former members of the City of Oxford School, George Street, Oxford also known at times as the City of Oxford High School for Boys and the City of Oxford High School.

We aim to provide information and news of interest to former pupils and teachers and to facilitate contact amongst them.

Full membership of COSA costs £10 annually or Life membership may be obtained upon payment of £50. The application form for membership can be found on this website. Applicants for Annual Membership are urged to make the payment by Bankers Order.

This website is dedicated, however, to all former pupils of the City of Oxford School, whether or not they decide to become Full members of COSA.

We have introduced COSA Updates (Editor: Malcolm Williams, contact at williams.malcolm@sky.com). All Old Boys with an email address are notified when a new Update is added to this website. These have an immediacy that is proving popular, because Old Boys can respond to them straightaway. Similarly, when a new Newsletter is added, a notification is sent.

Full Members receive the Notice of the Annual General Meeting and the Invitation to attend the Autumn Reunion Lunches/Dinners.




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